The Space Between Us

Like the idea and actors, but doesn’t wow you.

Really? All those people in formal wear running?

Quite and impromptu experiment.

And the first buried on Mars.

Horrible decision. I think people would be incredibly engaged if they knew.

So for 16 years when someone visits they have orientation and tell them, “Hey! There’s a Martian!”

That is how you drive all night.

Are you an ophthalmologist sir?

It’s like your entire body is asleep?

Nice bit with the candy bar :)

Plane time?

That plane is from Axis and Allies (TM).

An explosion? Really? What was stored in that barn? 1,000 gallons of kerosine?

It took ’em that long to get there?

FU Man!

That is tremendous pressure when she finds out.

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival.

A scan is gonna be trouble.

No one has effects from G-forces?