Bird Box

Talk about strict.

The hallway woman is very disturbing.

“I find it comforting to focus on the wrong things” is a great line.

What happened to the Good Samaritan is horrible.

John is a downer. And judges books by their cover. His wife must have been quite positive.

Maybe a reflection helps? Ever heard of Medusa? Too bad you don’t have a shield.

It might behoove you to grow long hair. It might say you from peripheral vision death.

I wanna be on Trevante’s team.

Checking all the windows in Safeway is gonna take awhile.

“You’re only saying that cause we’re all gonna die”… another great line.

That is skillful driving to blindly enter the garage.

I like this back and forth more than a catch-up.

Two pregnant women but where are the blind?

Tying down in a boat? I dunno if that is a good idea here.

From one reviewer… “Never quite reaches its intriguing potential…” – FU