Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom (4/5)

Is this Sphere?

Idiot. If you see people screaming to run then do it.

It’s gonna get caught.

The transition scenes are like found footage of Planet Earth if it was only in the Pacific Northwest.

“We’re not compatible” :)

I love that military vehicles are covered with “no step” just like the G.I. Joe toys of the 80s.

Beefcake :)

“You’re the one that made me come” :)

Imagine finding a wrecked truck you rode in years prior.

That’s not terrifying at all.

That’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen,

No morning for grandpa I bet.

How does anyone not know they are aboard?

Climb down.

Looks like we’re gathering an a-hole salad.

Why poke it for no reason?

That’s a lot of well deserved crushed chests.

Why would you open the cage?

Well deserved.