Polar (1/5)

Interesting text.

Chilean camping.

They are not hiding their motives very well.

What a horrible “dog” person. I hope she buys it. He has you rescue the dog to get it away from this obvious small town sociopath.

These characters are rejects from Dick Tracy.

How much lotion does freak need.

How short sighted are these idiots? Even if he can turn the balance sheets around what gives you any confidence he can properly manage the company going forward.

Snow swans.

This is almost stupid.

I wasn’t gonna run? After you failed to jump through a window. Pathetic.

She sure likes pickles.

Random handball accident with no explanation?

These people are just gross.

Littering! Even if you didn’t care, why waste the food?

She is obviously not from around her.

He says music please to himself.

He’s a horrible runner.

Nice attempt.

That was cool.

Are there any left?

I guess Junkie Jane inherits the business.

Apparently if you will have sex with strangers or do intravenous drugs you are an assassin. If you will stab someone who’s is already dead or can read that makes you an A-Team assassin. An embarrassment to every A-Team.