The Core (4/5)

Over two hours! This is going to take many sittings to complete. 

Triple fist bump? Idiots. 

I like the slim glimpse of the person rolling off the merry-go-round. 

All legitimate questions. 

Mountain Dew!

I’ve already checked the remaking time several times hoping to get down to two hours. 

They flew them all the way out there to ignore them nearly immediately?

Use our T1 line to download Sailor Moon” :)

Okay, I’m a little interested in how the landing goes.

Ridiculous... you can see it coming... stopping and him turning around. Was this movie made in the 80s?

Damn it, they sucked me in for a bit longer. 


I’m impressed, surprised, and disgusted at the food spread in the war room. 

“Feel free to throw up” followed by get a word-a-day calendar” :)

Don’t tell me there is a super secret government project to burrow through the crust and they’re going to modify it to go deeper?

I love his demo enthusiasm. 

“Use a credit card, you’ll get miles” ... Aaron has some nice quips. I approve. 

Unlimited long distance for free.. Wow, I guess. I’ll send an email instead. Maybe that would have come in handily in a sequel.. The Core 2: This Time Counterclockwise.

I like the tie exchange. 

I love thinking of the person who’s contribution of saving the world was to erect all the flagpoles.

“This is my Kung fu and it is strong” :)

Apocalypse Boy is a good superhero name. I’d be surprised if it’s not used already. 

That’s a tiny TV for a sports cafe. 

When it Rome it is an act of god. Speaking of which, are insurance industry professional atheists irritated by that term?

Good old Marianas Trench, best place for burrowing in or out of the Earth. 

Welcome to Armageddon in reverse. 

Just like the Mars landing blackout. 

How are they sending a signal to the surface? I had spotty wi-fi on the opposite side of the house. 

Now they’ve stepped outside into right into MST3K. 

I love he kicked it. 

Bye bye cap?

Good thing the one backup is pilot. Not like we didn’t see this coming. They’ve been setting it up all movie. 

If it wasn’t obvious by now I am hooked. 

Thank you. Had to happen sometimes correct. Now tore him up. Perhaps gag him too. 

Car window up :)

Crap, I lost my original commentary for the last 40 minutes. Most are fresh in my head...

Good thing the my built the lever his specific arm length down the hatch. They should have compared arm length over drawing straws.

For internet hacking you overlay ancient blueprints?

Rat is a one dimensional stereotype, but he is good at it. This kung fu line is also good. I love what he is doing. Like the video games with a hot key to immediately pause and show a spreadsheet for when the boss comes in. He even plays well when he is t looking.

That is not how explosions, particularly nuclear, function. They’d be over washed.

How did he do that? I'm going to have to read Wikipedia. He reestablished power by welding some wires to the wall?

That was an abrupt 16 hours time jump.

So this, let’s be nice and call it a wave, is going to propel them for 20 hours?!

We knew it could t be him.

The last line is poor.

Absolutely ridiculousness in a serious manner, but entertaining past the first twenty minutes. 

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