M.F.A. (4/5)

When someone is invited to a party in a movie they never mention or ask a time or place. I guess in these utopian worlds we all know where everyone lives. I can just type "where does Luke live" in my phone and it ill magically... oh. Come on! She has to specifically say no in a clear voice at a minimum volume?!! How about we apply the Code of Hammurabi for rapists! He could not have landed that way. Two thumbs up for her modern interpretation of Spanish tile. His limbs are cleanly laid out at particular angles. That is a lot of beard to grow so quickly detective. He's a big guy... good idea. All theses decades of being just out of reach. How about some magnet gloves?

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (1/5)

The water song is surprisingly catchy. Interesting affectation. Hell of a kicker. You can commit all manner of inhosbitalities if you can sing well. The last 3 fingers were just mean. A siren’s song? Scampy old man. What the hell size is his neck? Why the hell would you waste so many bullets instead of cutting the rope. I’m expecting these stories to be connected. That was a pointless story. Another pointless story. That’s a very sour lad. Bah.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (4/5)

Bizarre I dig the music. Scary wallpaper. The elevated sale of pins and buttons is an underrated effect of the Punk movement. Adults throwing cake? Somebody touched somebody's hair. Let's talk about getting laid every night without success. Ah, most of male life. They've stumbled into pre-Cirque du Soleil. This film crew was very creative with their low budget. Good thing therapy wasn't a thing in 1977 or End would need it after that "kiss". Apparently Rick Moranis worked at a burger joint. How do you compare anyone after that? Good ending.

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