Carter (1/5)

Highly unlikely the bus stop us at the destination.

Whoa! And I thought standing in blood was a good idea.

Someone had cupping.

Behind stabbed is bad, but being stabbed naked is worse.

No one other than Asian criminals have hand axes handy.

Did Papa John’s pay for that placement?

Is this supposed to be a 3D movie?

That windshield kicked out way too easy.

Time for some pants.

Is this from a video game?

This must be shot with drones.

They are having this conversation in an open bus.

Ewww… face…. road…

These men are very creepily looking at her.

This guy plays a good nut job.

“This is so exciting… Look at you trying to survive”… obviously something lost in translation. That line in English is terrible.

There is almost an hour left. I am out.

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