The Bourne Ultimatum (2/5)

Do government secrets really get spoken of at the local coffee shop? Isn't that worse than at a chain coffee shop? How many spies have spilled the beans at Denny's? That's a huge package for a prepaid phone. Both sides f-n with Pam. Convenient broken curb. He's always busting out of a windshield. A little Bond in the water finale.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2/5)

Skydive from grace. The client should have been terminated for leaving his dog in the back seat. Foolish evil man... Now you've taken eveything. You have nothing to threaten him with. You have only doubled his resolve. Creepy boss-man touching her head?! Too many windows in this thin van. Why doesn't anyone where a helmet? And too many "elite" guards standing in the open. Nervous fart. Alright, this might be a bit better than my meh expectation... We do have Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. I'm with Ryan on this van ride. Eww is correct. "Waterboarding... I was in the CIA. Even we don't do that anymore." :) HA! A little more red in the right light district. What idiots run towards/past the maniac shooting people on the street? Time for gum. Are we going to see a double date? That was ad libbed watching the car hood flip. This movie keep going and going. Why is Ivan wasting time with the bodyguard? "Tik tok m-f-er"... foreseeable line. The lower case d is a nice touch, but it won't make the password any stronger. Seems inappropriate to say medic on the rooftop. Terrible fake punch by the biker on the right.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4/5)

I was focusing my attention for most of this viewing. Does everyone think tapping a glitchy screens will restore order? That is a horrible automattic ironing machine. Salt is not sand or snow. The new AT-AT's have evil mustaches. These ridiculous craft are Tron light cycle like.

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