Hostiles (3/5)

That is vicious! That must have been at least an R rating immediately. Good mouth plan. Books, the smart phone of the Old West. Raisins and pickles for a month?! Oh my lord. A fort without walls? Very high attrition rate.

Cube (1/5)

A creepy dude in a creepy place. Pick a lighting scheme. Flesh Jenga “Holy holy cats”... That seems like they ran out of ideas for dialog. I hate the hysterical ones. The usual play to these films is someone is a plant. Mr Buttons is a real survivor. The doctor is annoying but her “imitation” is briefly amusing. The most expensive line item for this film are the doors. 27 minutes in and I’m not bored enough to finish this. I’ll read what happens on Wikipedia.

Tau (2/5)

Party time! I don’t think women purposely step in puddles when going out. You’re in he kitchen already, grab a knife! Super freak... he’s smart enough to close the door behind him. This guy would be played well by Patrick Wilson. Hide those somewhere. You think he noticed? That is not what I expected. He is so easily annoyed, and well she should. She should have pointed out the hard way will take time. “I’m welll aware” He is sharing too much. Isn’t deleting his code counter productive? You are not a friend. Tie him up. Whilhelm

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