John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (5/5)

Time for John on the run.

Some old ass computers.

Perhaps hide in the very hotel that banned you? Maybe inside the walls a la Matrix?

Quite a tip for the good doctor.

This is gonna be like that Jason Statham movie... Crank.

The knife alley fight would have made some good 3D tv.

These fight scenes are even better when you remember Keanu us Canadian.

Ow! That top skull knife hammer.... And now the slow detailed piercing.

John must train his legs at getting hit by black cars... Like Muay Thai shins against bamboo.

We're only 20 minutes in. I have to shut up and watch.

Now we're onto the Peaky Binders.

Vicious back kicks.

Someone has to land in hose manure.

That first motorcyclist got a rude treatment... Ok. Both of them got it.

Has he been lying there since John Wick 2?

Thanks for the car no-nuts.

Arm brake :)

What a creep... sitting so close.