Arkansas (5/5)

I like him. The introvert drug dealer.

Will we learn about the limp?

Ooo, I like chapters.

Someone’s got to ask him about his pants sometime.

He already looks creepy. May as well lean into it.

Did John ad lib some of this weirdness or do they write this for him at this point?

This is very day in the life.

A laugh track and this could be a a Seinfeld episode.

Nick is going to be trouble.

I am settling in to this nice and quiet. It can’t last much longer.

I suspect John is smart enough to have prepared for this. There is something unexpected waiting.

“Critters and thing”... good line.

I keep my gun in the same draw as my condoms too :)

A Waffle House was bound to happen.

That was vicious, but once in the business.

I guess this is a gun friendly fireworks store!

Don’t tell them you’ve seen it before.

Beer in a donut shop :)