aaron and cdog
Aaron and cDog

I write Twitter-sized reviews. On occasion I write a longer review, but always doing this kills my joy. As the mood strikes I re-watch movies with no review to backfill. My longer reviews are often a stream of conscious with viewing. IMO if a review is good, then the movie is good. If the review is bad, then you have to make up your own mind.

Mission Statement

My reviews are my own reactions and not a comment on the hard work the writers, actors, directors, gaffers, etc. put in to create these movies for us all.

Rating System

I rate movies out of 5. Only IMDb ratings are out of 10. My lower bound is -1, reserved for the most vile garbage ever put on film. Eventually I decided that a 3 rating is not useful for anyone, so I force myself to pick a side.

Here are my loose rating guidelines...

I post a review on Twitter daily.

I take requests, but I make no promises on the timeliness of the review.

I hope to introduce you to a movie you have never heard of or never considered.



I have rated 2,299 movies and 2 edibles. I have written 1,534 reviews.

Here is the rating breakdown...