I feel safe pre-rating a 2.

I’m guessing Revenger is not looking to talk. I expect he wants to chew bubble gum.

Out of the sea. Like Aqua-man.

That is impressive Dr. Lecter.

Hit him in the back of head with a rock kid.

He surely is paid by the punch not the word.

I think this is a common Korean movie bit to have the goof, but I’m not a fan.

The mouthful of food fighting is clever.

These guys suck at bottle fighting.

Ooo. That leg thing is bad.

Mega drop kick.

If my only claim to fame was thug #4 that’s not bad.

This is a very high density of @$$ kicking.

The flies pounce awful quick.

Introducing Handsome Man and Double Hunch.

Not a way to breed loyalty.

This is a sad chorus.

I’d have thought he’s want to take him himself.

How did he get to her first?

I really wish there was X-Ray for this film.

That’s it. Take out the last one. Make sure to loot for the arrows.

Not smart to keep poison in an open cup strapped to your leg when you have arrowheads, blades, and exposed skin.

Jin has become really annoying.

Sleeping on your front is the worst position.

Handsome Man has bad teeth.

Double Hunch is super creepy. And does needless gymnastics.

Crack a few first level skulls to get the blood flowing will do him good.

Not the ending blow I expected for Handsome Man.

Now I know there genre is fantasy as he would have died from infection long ago.

The bandage flapping with his breathe is creepy.

Unique killing blow for Flour Man.

Now away to rot in sorrow in the jungle.

Another unusual Tuesday release. This may be a pattern that bad movies are released on Tuesdays.