Boy Erased

“They label us so let’s label them.”

The worst anagram class ever… So in this place D + P = G?

Triangle posture? How can these “counselors” preach this with a straight face?

This is like being forced to renounce your beliefs or be slain!

How is recording their pain helpful?! Is there a conversation therapist conversion camp?

Just another gym teacher punishing the entire class because one person broke the rules.

Church race!

Crash? He needs lives a floor away? In the same building?

While I’m at it… What makes everything think a preacher’s son is more holy that anyone else’s son? That seems judgmental and prejudice.

That’s rape!

I’m surprised a preacher let’s his son play evil video games… And right on cue.

Way to pressure confused, frightened young people so you can make a few bucks a-hole!

What makes these people qualified to run this camp anyway?

I know it is obvious, but Mr. Sykes looks like a ped…

I’m surprised they’re allowed to say “I love you”.

You could go for a long run?

Oh my god! The little girl! You are monsters!

There ya go mom! Qualifications?!