Hounds of Love

Is this a perv’s eye view?

A few signs and we start to get the picture.

That’s a cool house.

Is she really into this also?

Great neighborhoods have loads of trash on the lawns.

I’m not her dad but she is wearing too much makeup.

Just one… for the rest of your life!

I’m guessing that normally they’re introverts.

Same mean. Same clothes.

Your legs are free…

Is that supposed to make me feel sorry for him? F no.

You’re going to bring your kids into this house?

Stab her with the pen!

I’d take a chance at being stabbed.

Of course she inhales.

Lock the bathroom door.


Good idea or good luck… either way.

Go ahead… quite a piece of work.

Don’t they have a job?

I wonder if she’ll be saved by drug dealers or whoever those punks were?

What is he pre-digging?

I mean what more do you need?