The Girl in the Spider’s Web

What a choice.

Who know’s their account number off the top of their head? I know. I know. It would be terrible to have her look it up.

Nice touch with the shower.

I’m surprised she was so polite in her “incorrect assumption” statement.

A big black SWAT truck sticks out as a tail vehicle.

That is a LOT of take out containers. At least she is organized about them.

What government agency makes custom desktop icons :)

Sponsored by Sony.

Keep the kid away form the window but you linger.

Quick investigation director.

No time for a nap.

He opened the car door IMMEDIATELY after the car stoped. That is not realistic.

Again she did it.

Clever “safety” rail usage.

More drugs. She should have torn their masks off.

That is the look and the toy of a psycho.

Are they gonna make an American version of this?