The September Issue

With that haircut I suppose Anna is the James Harden of fashion.

This music is mesmerizing.

I’m glad to see the retailers have inventory issues :) How does it feel!

I liked Grace’s “texture” top but I side with Anna… No.

Doesn’t Vogue come out every month? Seems like they work on the September issue for 6+ months. I guess the interns work on the June and July issues.

That is a MASSIVE muffler!

I’d buy a book of Grace’s throw outs.

I like the wrought iron dress but that other princess dress looks like medieval armor puking a rainbow?!

Listen to Grace. Go ahead and eat the pie.

One week left!!! This is gonna be crazy.

“I want to open with something people want to read… I think”… Fabulous :)

Anna’s arm crossing muscles are strong.

I don’t like the brown-noser.

Interesting job as the print master.

“Everybody’s not perfect in this world. It’s enough the models are perfect. *eye roll*”… I love Grace!

Surprisingly good soundtrack.

Fast paced.

I actually see her as a softer person that I had imagined.

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