Night Hunter

After The Witcher I’m on a Henry Cavill kick. Let’s see we’re it takes me.

This is starting of high brow.

That’s right nerd. That’s Superman.

Well played Sir Kingsley.

This might turn into a nice comedy duo.

Drones. A modern film.

Two miles in that will take awhile.

Not the ringleader.

This is a movie filled with Henry Cavill cross armed.

That police file photo is right out of a horror video game.

His “dad”?

What a [email protected]& Stanley. I’m cold.

Just because you say your not responsible doesn’t mean you’re not.

That was as well as expected.

Where is the escort?


That is a bad command commissioner.

Tacked on love interest.

One idea keeps this from a 1. Given the actors in this I have to conclude they expected more.