Cool credits environment.

Adrien Brody so good chance this will be weird.

I thought he aborted but this way make sense for safety.

You put that in your mouth?

How do you know it isn’t formed right?

What did you splice with human?

Clearly she doesn’t know how to stop. She is an addict. She is gonna die. I don’t like her.

She pushed for this and now when it goes bad she just yells at him to do something. I don’t like her so much.

We know what is gonna happen. They are going do stuff and she will see and want what she has.

And they are contaminating the lab.

If you are in the front row you might be splashed.

Mom never learned that lesson.

I’m waiting to find out mom was the human element.

Mommy’s not in charge anymore so now mommy wants to take action. I don’t like her so much.

This is the most morally corrupt couple there could ever be. They both need to die.

He’s become something sick! You set the bar a long time ago.

I have less than zero sympathy for them.

Again you assume she is dying when you have no f-n idea. These people are terrible.

This was nominated for best sci-fi film of the year?!

In my typical irrational fashion I am going to impose my impression of Elsa on any future characters I see her play.

Why not throw this into the romance genre.