The Dark Crystal

Landscapes and fast pacing are the best parts.

I haven’t seen this in over twenty years. I’m excited.

Skeksis is a perfect name for these beings.

The one with the fat nose doesn’t belong.

If it’s a prophecy they knew about this for awhile… Why not tell him before you’re about to die? At least he admits it.

He is in horrendous shape. Talk about dried out. I can confidently say he is dead now.

Those are some well armored and scary troops.

The hand eye from nowhere ought to have been scary.

That is a cool model of the solar system. I wonder if Tomb Raider came from this?

Conjunction Junction… What’s your function?

Just take them all!

What?! That I was a LONG slide!

Lots of interesting landscapes.

That big mouth dude seems awful scary for kids.

1,000 years of disgusting banquets.

She has the most disgusting sit.

Sure, there is healing moss just lying around everywhere.

Pick it up idiot!

What a remarkably persuasive argument… Please. Please. Please… Please.

One bottle of vital essence coming right up. I hope that is a recyclable bottle.

Where’d the baby Landstrider go?

You’ve already lived for 1,000 years. Is forever that much different?

Sort of insulting credits… Gen, A Gelfling.