Can you guys be more obvious pervs?

Apple foreshadowing?

What are you gonna hunt out there?

Drinking beer underwater must suck.

Gross mouth close-up.

Bullshit call.

Oh you’re sorry are you? I hope she are forced to eat a literal @!$%

Wow! Interesting and impactful ant shot.

That’s a LOT of blood.

She must have a sore neck and how the hell did she not drown on her own blood?

Of course the larger the man the more wheels his vehicle has.

That Tre burned down awful quick… They are in the desert.

It took THAT long to drive down there?! And the tree has regrown? Groot takes longer than that!

Again, that is a LOT of lost blood.

Oh are your hands chilly you F-N rapist!

Ok, I like the seatbelt ding.

She should have taken his shoes.

That branch is still there!?!

Don’t take it all… Smart.

I expect it would be easier to go back out the way it came in.

She’s gonna get a tattoo from that.

It’s unenvironmental… You are…

Phoenix rising :)

Tasty sock I’m sure.

Unlike her, I don’t feel squeamish for him.

There’s nothing in the car, or the sock around his shoulder, or the boot he left, he can use? Well, he is an a-hole.

That is a long fake motorcycle in the desert night driving shot.

That’s a creepy painting for the living room.

All these people move very fast when bleeding severely.

Why are there SO MANY plates?!

What do you do after that? Shower?

This took 2.9 million to make? Must have been a LOT of water and fake blood.

Too bad she can’t use this for a company “fun fact”.