Blood Red Sky

Do plane break wheels really turn red?

Very clean airport bathroom.

Is this conversation with the kid really necessary? I suppose it is for background, but it is painful to watch. Someone needs to do something about the audio. This is the kind of thing you see in an American Ninja movie.

Hey d-bag! You are not entitled to the overhead immediately above your seat.

I’ve never seen a car overheat in the winter.

Good plan to identify the air marshals.

We know who the loose canons are.

She can smell blood.

And he’s a looter.

We’ve entered Blair Witch territory.

Now she looks like a hung over rock star.

He missed his opportunity.

The stock broker is a major d-bag. Why hasn’t he died already?

Good idea. Although I’m sure it’s an environmental issue.

What the is that? What is it doing on a plane?

Of course he is the one…

Typical… just drug your problem away.

They would not let him go after all that.

There is an opening for a sequel.

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