Dinner in America

Nice beat later down over a bland meal.

Nausea and sex sells

This punk reminds me of the idealized version of someone specific I know.

The backboard square is too high and too small. To be fair the entire basket is too small.

This punk has quite the laundry list of important errands.

He is quite easy to identify.

This a-hole is wearing an Eagle Scout badge! He’s not a Boy Scout! I hate him!

Can you watch an entire movie about people you hate?

Over an hour and nothing useful going on.

This band is going places.

That is a remarkably long time in the bathroom.

This guy is a complete waste product.

How sweet the degenerate is committing a crime for her. Conflicted to say he is sort of good for her.

That’s a lot of unknown pills to swallow.

Toboggan club sounds cool