Martin seems possessed.

I would love to hear a real real estate broken say “a room to live in”.

Was that ad libbed to side then stand?

I suspect that ladder comes in handy.

Follow just the left.

There you go.

Is there laundry facilities?

Now it is really weird when you find 9.

Good idea.

Now you are absolutely in magic land.

Martin Jr.

I would not want children after this.

Maybe the original shirt will be the key?

It bounced off the “boy”. Try that.

I don’t like where this is going at all.

Lock and barricade the bedroom door at night.

Smash the TV.

Concrete roads?

All it will take is a rock to fall?

I agree it was time for a new roof.

He didn’t learn to bend his f-n knees.

You can tell what is going to happen, yet I was hoping for something more.

This is listed as comedy! That is a gross misclassification.