The Magnificent Seven (1960)

That’s a cool wood tower.

Papa’s shirt doesn’t match his pants.

This is kind of ominous music?

That is a LOT of chickens on one rope.

That was horrendous slap technique.

At least he gave him the cigar tin back.

Brief advice from the Old Man.

This is an interesting scene. Volunteers to drive a horse into a hostile area. Volunteering guns and cash just to see something happen.

You’re gonna drive off and leave those fellas to bury him. You know the punks are gonna kick ‘em our once you drive down the hill.

Why do we need heroic music for the salesmen leaving town?

Guns are hard to get in the old west?

I wasn’t expecting a clapping test.

Hey, Bronson without a beard!

“I admire your notion of fair odds” Nice.

That’s a terrible yet funny fake laugh from random fat man.

Actually you only said he was a lair. This was the first time you said he was a coward.

No one saw him make you look like 2 cents.

No one likes a hyper dude on the team.

The worst thing about this time in “history” is all the impositions on your time.

Is his gun worth 10 shot glasses.

In the old days all it took was free fish and some hand gestures to turn mortal enemies into best friends.

No women yet they have kids.

Britt sleeps a lot and gets up fast.

At least he picked up her hat.

Is that a colorful gumdrop dispenser?!

What a ridiculous dancer.

You should be gentler tossing guns around.

In these days they sure knew how to use long pauses between short dialog to draw a movie’s runtime out.

Put your bench into it.

Grab the dead mens’ guns!

What’s a matter kids? Never seen a man die?

There we a few moments, but as with movies of this time it is too long.