First Cow

Shallow grave

That’s not a mushroom.

Nobody likes the mouth harp.

Always one

That’s a big fish!

Well before YouTube there was a dirty man with a fiddle for your entertainment.

That’s what I would do to those boots. And hide the silver in your groin.

Those are some filthy cards.

Don’t show all your coins!

This is not the place you ought to leave a saw on the wall.

The fiddle guy again!

This is not a fast paced story.

I love seeing people sweeping dirt.

This place is filled with a lot of sad faces.

Don’t get greedy.

It’s taking a long time to tell this story.

Attackers all around!

I wonder who :)

I’m a baker not a cliff diver!

The times never change… an elder doing slow flow movements in nature.

The bag is not that well hidden.

He has some good jokes.

Alright. Unusual idea. Could have been a lot shorter.

This is not what most people would imagine as a western, but technically it is.

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