Before even taking the DVD out of the sleeve I can’t believe it is 2 hours!

Am I going to regret watching this on DVD?

XYZ Films… That must be a good sign huh.

Linus Roache? He must be the big bad.

Channel 13

They use strobe lighting to turn a piece of pumice into a magical relic.

Mandy obviously does not value her privacy… a victim of masterful social engineering to get her to volunteer her address… and BTW, Crystal Lake? That is always the location of a horror movie.

Boy these cult members are stranger and stranger. They certainly don’t believe in good haircuts.

Tell this creep to close his mouth. He even rolls an electric window up and down creepily.

No one is going to question where these creeps obtained a jar of blood.

Aren’t the demons a needless middleman?

This could have been a bad short film instead of a bad full length feature.

Is bland creep enjoying his tea?!

They sure saved on something by repeating dialog repeatedly.

Hey, the Predator didn’t get him after all.

“That was my favorite shirt”… one good line in the entire movie.

I mean he’s got to burn everything down as he goes right?

The best thing I can say about this movie is it sucks.

It is not worth to stop scanning through the dialog or the action scenes.

The chain on that chainsaw is impractical. You couldn’t maintain enough tension.

Even at 4x speed there is way too much footage of Cage walking down a tunnel.

They saved money on lights.

If you were on enough drugs to ooze your brain out your ear this movie still wouldn’t be enjoyable.