Those two “painters”(?) look suspicious.

And of course. F-n rapist military c%^ks.

The army using Twitter eh?

That is a hugely thick laptop he’s got. I assume it’s shielding.

There are always tanks to shoot.

Why aren’t those doors helping?

Bullseye :)

She could have perhaps bought more time by not telling him that.

Why does the military already hire panicky people to station at critical bases?


Beaver seems to be a good old boy. He must be useful when he wakes up later.

Of course.

Everyone but beaver saw that head butte coming.

Check the credits. I knew the TV salesman looked familiar.

Where is everyone running to?

Someone was bound to go through that screen.

You are going to have a bigger reaction to having a laptop smashed into your throat.

I foresee a face being used to press the button… ?

The President would not use that sort of language.

You better “be sure” on all of them. No matter how cruel anything thinks it is.

Beaver is an idiot. He didn’t think his face was plastered before?!

Now he has no leverage.

When is the bad guy going to kill Beaver?

How’s he gonna see under the sea?

His clothes aren’t wet?!

Fuck you questioning her motivation.

How many shots does the interceptor have?!

In reality I think they’d fire more than one per nuke.

She’s hiding in the room?

She’s in a suit?

Nothing left to do but find something that floats and think about what you’ll demand from the country

Report next week?! How about a f-n vacation!

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