Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (4/5)

I watched this in collage after returning from the bars, while waiting for Dominos Pizza to arrive.

For 3,000 credits bah, but for 3,000 mega credits, I’m in.

Horribly fake ship with a fish tank. Appropriate for the genre and time. I wouldn’t mind a modern film of this type.

Something more subtle would help keep your ship hidden.

Star-clips…. classic.

Black outfits in a desert environ is a horrible idea.

Love the bridge jump attack!

How do you fight effectively in those oversized and unbalanced helmets?

Those women will only have whiplash if they are lucky.

The old man doesn’t look convince his disciples will do it.

“We have blood loss here!” :)

Overdog is a villain name created by an 8 year old.

Gigantic size remote.

Look! A chicken wire man.

He just carries shampoo in his back pocket?

“That black scab”?!

Took longer in makeup to dress Michael as Underdog than we is on screen.

Why don’t you just sleep in the truck?

Those things are putrid, and they sound they make falling out those tubes are beyond gross.

That dive was just dumb.

Creepy canyon.

That is the flimsiest plow ever.

The game is over too quick.

Washington learned that from watching Arnold movies from the same period. The famous Arnold twist neck move.

They are barely concerned for their massive security breach.

What a total feeb. Spill his milk tube and the collapses.

Why did you even get close to him?

Quality was certainly forbidden from this film.

And the end blast off… of course.

Oh, Wolff with 2 fs… that is a rough future.

For what it is… 4/5.

Hey! What do you know, this movie is not in Netflix instant or Netflix DVD.

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