The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

I absolutely agree it is about time. This has gone on so long I’d almost rather watch 90210.

Needless “action” shot of pressing the brake.

Are we supposed to remember who any of these people are.

She forgot her impractical and useless hat-mask.

Why did I watch all the previous films. What a waste of a slice of my life.

The intro/cartoon/music… lead in “time warp” line is good.

Why would you accept that deal?!

“Time travel is risky” is a true statement.

What a free ride for the writers. Anything can be solved with “we’ll talk about it later” or “time travel is complicated”.

So when Dee Snider shoots your gun you obviously throw it forward.

Yay! Half over!

There are so many people in this series that one of the few unknowns must become famous in the future.

I mean the editor of this film, with all the cuts, deserves half the proceeds.

That tree was painted.

We are painfully close to the end and a return of o sanity.

The only good thing is no more Sharknado’s in 2023!

OMG this speech is as painful as several Sharknado movies.

And as our final stab we will cause seizures by scrolling the credits at light speed.

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