The Nice Guys

Colossal screw up “punching” window. Useless but hilariously showing us the quality of character.

Nice living room sink.

Very efficient character examinations.

Alternative fuels?! What a crock :)

Two Face!

Hell of a miss through the neighbor’s window.

Hilarious stall sequence.

Another nice scene – protesters.

No police tape?

Kid on the bike is a winner :)

Nice pull dad. You’ve restored the audience and your daughter’s faith :)

Bartender is cool. That whole dialog is good. I’m pleasantly surprised by the Crowe/Gosling pairing.

Another useless but funny short scene in the elevator up.

I can see his cheeks quivering :)

Nice wallpaper. Oh yeah, gun fight.

Finally police tape!

Yes! Tito Santana!