The trailer puts Jim Henson, George Lucas, and David Bowie as equals?! I mean back then I would have said throw Bowie out straight away. Now it is clearly a ranked list: Henson, Bowie, Lucas. Lucas birthed Star Wars then did little else.

Why the water closeup under the bridge?

Alright, there is already too much music.

I don’t like this pink top lady forcing the dog into the garage.

I know it was the style at the time, but Sarah whines too much.

I can’t believe they got this baby to cry so long on cue.

The big goblin is the least necessary to shut up.

This is an awful civil discourse.

80 minutes more of this? If it wasn’t notorious I might shut it off.

The Worm is easily the most likable character so far.

Does she even have a watch?

And that baby, surrounded by freaky muppets, grew up to be a serial killer.

I have to skip some of the musical bits.

The tile flipping is really not fair.

Helping Hands are creepy in a criminal sort of way.

Oh you just assume Ludo will go with you. He’s not indebted to you.

That stone face is a cool optical illusion.

I’m tired of seeing Bowie’s crotch.

Now we get to the LSD dance?!

Apparently decapitation is fun.

Didymus rising Ambrosius is worth some of this.

Not another song?

Did they get the mirror thing from Conan the Destroyer?

The pilot clearly has a Ring of Feather Fall. Hoggle did not.

Deja vu! An agent is near!

Rock ‘n Roll

A surely dramatic ending requires a change of wardrobe.

It is very dramatic watching someone struggle to remember.

I hope the end credits are long so this is over sooner.

Oh come on! Who invited chicken head to the party!

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