The rich kid wearing a crested blazer is always a d-bag.

I am already annoyed by the needless curl on his underline.

At least he’s polite to the staff.

The fact the dashboard milk bottle doesn’t topple is prof of his magic.

What kind of sandwich is that?

That’s right! Don’t give him a “Merry Xmas”.

Elon :)

Does he feel bad when he eats the cookies from someone who received coal?

That is a high bed. I hope that case under it is not meant to be hidden.

You shouldn’t tell them your interest during negotiation.

Doesn’t he spell it with a K?

He’s not stupid enough to use his real last name.

Maybe he’s not so polite to the staff.

A teddy bear? Doesn’t even know his own sons age.

“Blank page” and “make it legible” are good lines.

I wonder what Walton’s child thinks of this movie.

I wonder if they asked William Conrad to participate?

Another glimpse into his magic.

Goggins is perfect for this role.

“Axle grease” is a nice subtle line :)

Is he related to Bender?

If I still talked to people on the phone I would change their names in my contacts this instant :)

When you come face to face with your hero, how will you respond?

7 is underrated.

I didn’t expect this movie to be the one that realistically showed bullets going through a car.

Damn. That’s not the end I expected.

I like the kitchen ceiling.

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