The Courier

Always a good sign when there are armed guards.

“Your a good amateur” :)

How dare you is correct. I was trying to type something synonymous.

You don’t know that is correct!

A few push-ups is going to save him… perhaps not but I’d do that too. Something under your control.

She brought this to you a-hole! That is how you say thanks! Am I gonna regret keeping you on this?! F him!

He sure likes toast… it seems the style at the time.

A proper camping trip.

She shares THAT with her friend?

Is she taking after her a-hole boss? How about a thanks for risking you life!

LOL! A spy camera that says a Chicago Illinois :)

The sit-ups May have helped with that blow a bit.

Give her one g-d minute. These spies are so f-n irritating.

Those bucket contents are extremely sticky. There is literally no movement down the door. Truly unbelievable.

Only Thriller genre? Not War? Not history?

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