Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

I can’t believe I missed reviewing this until now.

In the current times the Klingon President’s decree of no peace with Kirk lives doesn’t seem like such a scandalous decree.

I expect a better font in the future.

Can’t think of any illogical decisions we’ve made recently (2020).

BTW, this is one of the movies, along with Wildcats and Aliens, I had on tape and watched many, many times.

Hey? That’s not Kirstie Alley :)

I’m anxious for colorful metaphors.

Fair well is extremely ominous way to sign off.

I wonder is she was directed to use those specific buttons or ad-libbed.

Let’s all do the time warp again.

And now the famous window scene… “Get him back!”

Those creaks are extremely unnerving.

Those poor trash men… Dumping the garbage by hand.

“Double dumb ass on you”… Still love it.

Tremendous product placement Yellow Pages.

This cop is a flat out d-ck.

Oh yes! How could I forget about the bus!

I love placing nuns in the tour group. out on walkabout are they?

Kirk’s reaction is hilarious.

You should be glad she doesn’t limit her compassion in that manner Bob.

The whole “I love Italian” is hilarious.

Scotty is hunt and peck typist :)

No one ran into the ship tossing a frisbee or something?

“Now would be a good time” :)

I forgot about the new kidney!

Never come out to see again! Coal burning whalers!

Time for the window scene again.

Some of these council members look absolutely ridiculous.

Those flared pants :)