Sid and Nancy

Pain and discomfort. If you like want to see far too many minute about two hard-core drug addicts getting wasted in various hotel rooms and screaming between hits, then Sid and Nancy is for you. This movie is physically painful to watch. It has no comment to make, unless an impressive portrayal of two people that are a total waste of flesh is an important statement that needed to be made. I gave this movie a two, and the only reason for that was the humor (at least for me) circumstance of my viewing. Two friends and I watch this movie on the roof of our house. Don’t ask me how, but it was a very hot summer and the roof was somehow the coolest place. Two of us had to endure the shear torture that is watching this movie. My other friend escaped this emotional rack by the fortune of falling asleep on the roof, in front of the window, which was the only way off the roof. Now, this friend is a very sound sleeper, and we tried everything short of a boot to the head to wake him up. My rating skyrocketed up to a colossal two due to the my conscious buddy pulling his hair out trying to wake the unconscious friend so he could get off the roof and escape the agony that is Sid and Nancy.