Kung Fury

That took NO time to top the ridiculous chart.

Good deal, arcade game talks back.

Nice head splurts.

Shoot your car to open the door is perhaps the least preposterous scene.

Tongue in corpse.

The worst thing about this movie is the knock-knock joke.

“I became the best cop in the world” – LOL… This is hilarious. No one has that dream.

This is like the Alien Nation TV show soaked in LSD.

Do you know Hitler?!

Power Glove!

This movie will make a 10 year old’s head explode.

Even the keyboard typing is horrible.

If Spinal Tap goes to 11 this goes to 25.

Crazy helicopter.

Now it’s become Rush ‘n Attack on LSD.

Thor beams in 2’ up just for effect.

There is nothing NOT over the top here.

Anatomically accurate shooting.

A perfect length – any more and it would grow tiresome.