The Dirty Dozen

An indoor hanging room?

Really snap to are these prisoners :)

Why is he not reading their crimes? Surely that is more interesting that their sentence. Or how about their military skill?

What is 30 years imprisonment vs 30 years hard labor really? Busting rocks?

Good idea with the credits over the line up.

Why are some smiling?!

They would never let ELEVEN do that.

The “P” on their back are ridiculous.

What’s with the name Maggot?

What the hell is with the sergeant’s baseball talk?!

That’s what passes for double quick? Pathetic.

You don’t want Jim Brown and Charles Bronson meeting you in a dark alley.

I’m with Chuck. I wouldn’t say that either.

Is this suddenly Stripes?

This bully is being dubbed.

This was definitely before me too.

Why not tell the guitar player to make himself useful.

Dancing with a nice cigarette in the face.

The major really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his superiors. He definitely manages down. He would not fair well in corporate America.

He calls the sergeant for more ice!

There are a LOT of yellow teeth amongst these officers.

Does a rolling tire count as a good segue in 1967? That horrible.

For a general he looks away an awful lot. Ernest you disappoint.

Jim Brown really shouldn’t point his gun at Donald while in a bumpy truck.

In reality they wouldn’t be laughing in a general’s face.

Put the gate down behind you.

I hate Maggot.

The guy shot on the roof totally rolled from the second to the ground floor himself.

You better hurry up.

First movie of this era I’ve seen that doesn’t have many unnecessary long pauses.