Aliens (5/5)


Forgot about the dream.

I’ve seen this literally 50 times, and I’m always impressed with the nature projection.

This company lady is perfect. And the absolute arrogance to think you have catalogued everything after 300 worlds.

Door opens and you see the perfect face for I told you so and &@$!?

Cool calling card. Way to disconnect :)

First thing? A cigar?

I love Sarg’s morning speech.

Another killer facial expression. Cornbread blows.

Settle down people.

Loaders are still f-n cool.

Hell of a ride.

How many combat drops :)

And out pops the hardware.

Motion trackers were super cool back in the day. Still cool now.

Hudson loves talking big, but can’t take it.

Gorman is less than spry.

Super cool hiding place. That poor kid.

Tupperware of the future!

“It won’t make any difference” :) No truer words.

And now it begins.

Quiet interspersed with borderline yelling.

Hudson looks a little too pleased.

That familiar plea.

Sinister sounds means it is about time to rock.

I still think Frost is the lucky one… on fire and plummeting.

Thumbs up.

Is there an RSS for that news.

Great after action conversation.

Only multi-millions for planetary terraforming. That’s a bargain.

What is Ferro thinking hearing this all over the radio? And what is Spunkmeyer doing wandering about?!

Put another quarter in Hudson.

Salute :). You could do a lot worse than putting Newt in charge.

I used a similar printer/word processor with an amber screen to semi-plagiarize my college papers. I didn’t know you could run robot sentries with it.

Wasted a lot of ammo on that test.


The engagement :)

Piece of plastic :) And hope to die.

Right to the wall Burke! Ripley is sure Mad About You.

Thank goodness we have a break from the bad news.

Good idea. Check behind you in the tunnel. 50 minutes flight time?! You just came down in less than 5!

Those hand torches are slick.

Wake up. Time. To…

That would be the scariest 3D shot ever.

Hudson wastes so much ammo on the mini. Those things are strong as f%*>!

Amy IS right. For the last time…

How does Burke think he’s gonna get out?

Spooky echo.

Its great how throughout the course of the story everybody has their moment of losing it.

That elevator door sound is damn near iconic. Just like when I take the elevator, but with much better reasons for prejudice.

“We’re not”!?

Time to reload for one more run. End game no matter what.

There are so many times this could have ended satisfactorily. It’s like a nearly never ending story.

Time to jury-rig a super weapon.

A nice fleeting moment of recognition and humanity that is rare. At that moment “don’t be gone long Ellen” is a perfect line.

The automated safety countdown is a fitting way to keep the pressure on during the slow intrusion.

We all need those few deep breaths.

Good idea to flush them out.

Cool sneaks.

No… Another immediate 180 of emotions.

Oh $h!t… Oh $h!t…
Mother to mother… Here comes a fantastic look… F YOU!
Sigourney Weaver is a masterful face actor.
This has got to be therapeutic.
She just unloads EVERYTHING! And everything else.

What the hell? Why did the elevator go up? Who else is taking it.

Just enough juice to keep her at bay.

Oh $h!t! Come on! Again we get back-to-back are you kidding me moments.

We know what’s coming but a great elevator reveal.

Damn! Finally a good break.

Shades of the Falcon. The music. The visuals. The path. Fantastic.

Again, proof that it doesn’t take anywhere close to 50 minutes flight time. The one problem with this movie. 50 minutes is laughable.

Oh no… This ^#%&)[email protected]#@$!

That white goop is more disturbing than blood. Bishop gets a good facial expression in himself.

Them’s some long getaway sticks.

Neither one a great runner.

Toe-to-toe. Ripley is still remarkably vulnerable in that thing.

She’s lucky she wasn’t literally snapped by that.

A moment where a sort of cheesy line is oddly appropriate.

What could possibly happen in her life after all this?

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