#Alive (2/5)

No wasting time. I like it.

That gun will come in handy one day.

Better put something more in front of the door.

Good idea covering the windows.

Running commercials at this time is a douchebag move.

This kid can barely keep himself alive in normal times.

What this “dancing”?

Don’t give up. At least try a plan.

There you go. This woman k owns what she is doing.

Finally he is useful.

He should have asked her if anyone was in the adjacent apartments.

Wind chimes elsewhere as a distraction?

Set a trap to lead them off a balcony.

How convenient his neighbor was a survivalist.

What’s got them all stirred up?

They should have created a distraction to draw them away first.

Jam the elevator open and barricade the stairs.

He likes spam?

I’m surprised it took this long in a Korean movie for smoking.

Of course. One person left and he’s a creep.

And there it is.

Club to the back of the head?

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