All These Small Moments (2/5)

Who asks their younger brother if they look okay?

Who hangs out with their younger brother?

Molly says move!

Dr. Rogers is a bit aggressive with the saw.

Don’t touch her head.

Can you be more obvious?

What?! Was that a dream? Is she that out of it?


Get your hand out of your pants pervs.

Eating paper seems appropriate. Mom could have gotten non pink weights if she wanted him to use them.

Idiots sons getting mom a card. That’s more than most.

“I love wool”… I’ve said that a thousand times myself.

Love little brothers answering the door.

That’s a lot of pasta.

Nice job eatery scouting dad.

That is sad eating.

If you date her you’ll now end up eating brussel sprouts all the time.

That is a lot of plastic wrap.

Dirty dirty steps.

Annoying start but ended okay.

Truly a collection of vaguely related moments.

I would like to see more of Howie and Lindsey.

Not often you see a Tuesday release or only one listed genre.

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