In the Heat of the Night (4/5)

I like the font and all lower case credits.

I remember there was a TV program of this when I was young, but I never watched it. I just knew it is was racist white cop and a black man in a suit.

That is a horribly ugly wall!

Horrible yellow background to the Have a Pepsi sign.

They can’t even provide the cops with a radio?!

Who drinks coke naked?

He is approaching way to slow for a cop.

He clearly has never seen a body.

His skull is not the least bit caved in.

Is this Archie Bunker’s calmer cousin?

Can you count to 10?

City of Sparta! This town doesn’t fit that name.

Sneeze and not get his brains beat out?! That makes no sense. Even in a sh!thole you can sneeze and not get your brains beat out. I do t hold high hopes for this police force.

I guess professional police courtesy even trumps racism.

“OH YEAH!” is the first thing I’ve liked.

BTW, is the naked Coke drinker going to relevant at all?

Shag bag?!

The chief’s walls are riddled with cracks., and that is an inappropriate leather lean back chair for a police station.

Lovely policing. The first stranger you find is guilty… Again… They don’t learn.

No one asks what he is going to his arms?!

What are you doing bringing the suspect into the room with the widow?! This chief is infuriating.

That’s it sit back. Relax. Drink your cokes. I’m just waiting for Sidney to tell you he didn’t do it.

“Complete the identification”… I’ll give the chief credit for putting that delicately. That’s probably why he’s the chief.

Despite the infuriation this is a good movie. Most movies I’ve seen around this year are so drawn out they dilute any interest.

What kind of place is what I want to know but don’t care enough to hang around to learn. I’d leave this racist and incompetent gross hole post haste.

This is definitely Sidney’s kind of role.

Are those twins I see walking down Main Street as the chief rolls by after Sidney?

That’s a lot of fertilizer.

Maybe Sparta is a good name. They like to fight for the right of their ignorance.

What happened to the dog or giant muskrat that was on the platform in the last shot?

The chief looks like a lost little boy zipping up his coat as the waffles up. You can see Sidneys already got a headache.

YOUR people is right. Don’t try to guilt Sidney for what sh!t you did. He’s helping being who he is. Even if he wasn’t he is not responsible for that unless he chooses to be f-u chief.

I’ve always wanted to watch a convertible open slowly. Geez.

That looks like rust or paint to me.

Is that from a witch’s broom?

Isn’t this a pleasant scene. I bet they paid these actors real fairly.

Oh another nice piece on the lawn.

That right Sidney. Immediately back. What’s the matter poor rich white man. You can’t take a slap to your ego? F-n die. Whether or not you’re guilty. That would befit the attitude of your town.

Now he’s crying?

Did the director tell them to run over the can?

Why get out of the car?

Use the fire extinguisher.

The idiot has a hole in the crotch of his pants. How do I know? Cause for some reason the camera closed in on it.

There’s that yellow sign again.

For this town he has pretty convincing evidence.

I’m quite surprised they know the legal age.

1st tough and 2nd tough :)

Ever been married? In that time isn’t that like asking if you are burning in hell? Cause you must be a widow or a sinner as nobody can get divorced as was the style at the time.

Cool slide.

Guns and liquor… Quite smart, especially considering the subjects.

I can’t believe I just tried to look up “field slut”.

Take care y’all.

I like this format of having the majority of the credits at the beginning.

I might watch the 2 sequels…. They Call Me Mister Tibbs and The Organization

Good to see the synergy of them releasing this on an August night.

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