John Carpenter’s Vampires (3/5)

Daniel’s urine has set the tone.

Bobby Munson!

This is a vampire hunting crew. Look at those neck guards!

Excellent skeleton key.

Exposing windows as you good is so obvious I can’t understand why no one else does it.

Overkill is better than dead. Good philosophy.

He should have gloves.

The winch technique is tremendous. The writers really put down thought into this.

Sun God Motel is a cute name.

How are those shorts comfortable?

Is that actor’s mom happen when they saw her listed as “Second Hooker”?

Dunk padre :)

Don’t party in the came zip code.

He probably needs a new team every few months anyway.

Does Daniel throwing a rock qualify as action?

Woods is calm one minute and screaming at a 10 the next. He has no mid-range setting.

No one is realistically taking a head off with one swing.

Woods does not have the stride of an action hero.

He is gonna break his glasses if he removes them that over aggressively.

O(log n)

Woods is a d-bag.

Why get dresses to kill yourself?

Not too tired to slick his hair.

Why have a slayer and not share with him? Church, company, government… they are all run by idiots.

Woods as an extremely low charisma.

If you are on fire at least hug a vampire.

Daniel is all over the map. One minute he hates her. Then he likes her. Then he hates her…. erratic character. Ugh.

Checking the ceilings is good.

A town that small has a jail? And one that large and well constructed?

Good plan.

Red must mean a higher level vampire.

At least he brought the jeep to a controlled stop with his last action.

Vampire Town USA

At least they agree on one thing… 💩

A gun doesn’t get that hot.

Can the padre make holy water?

Another horrible inconsistency. As driven as Woods is he would be telling the padre to never do it. Ugh!

At the beginning they should have gone a step farther and raised the building.

A 600 year old vampire would not have jumped onto so obvious an action.

That kiss is horrendously misplaced.

The ending is disappointing at least.

There is a lot to like, but some inconsistencies bite.

Given the erratic B story I’m surprised they didn’t tag this as romance.

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