Napoleon Dynamite (5/5)

Napoleon Dynamite

Kids going back to school so it is time to re-watch an epic hero’s tale.

Wow! MTV films. I haven’t seen you in a long while.


The opening credits already earn an A.

Moon boots!

Drink when Napoleon sighs would be a good game.

A high schooler taking the bus with middle schoolers would suck big time.

I may have to just let go an enjoy the ride.

That is cool, but I don’t know why it should be. There is no way that figure is hanging on the entire ride.

Repeated “Yes!” Is the only appropriate reaction.

That is a sick-o suggestion.

That is a sweet bike…. There is massively long cobweb on Napoleon’s head.

Never let your guard down Kip.

Terrible insult Kip. In any community if your mom goes to college that is a good thing.
Deb probably walked a few miles to get there.

The one thing about Napoleon I don’t like… his treatment of Tina.

That is an OLD gun. Single barrel?!

Napoleon really adds his own flare to the Happy Hands Club.

Nice line… “You could be drinking whole if you wanted to”… I love it.

Enter Uncle Rico :)

How enticing… stale, lint-at-best covered tots form another man’s pocket. That they are hours old is the least of my concern.

A cake admirer… mysterious… maybe not.

That’s actually quite impressive. Throwing cooked(?) flat meat side-arm maybe 20 yards at a biker. Seriously. I bet you couldn’t come close.

Excellent locker segue.

Open your eyes to the woman around you man!

Why is the phone mounted so high?!

I love that he had to turn it right side up after opening it.

Pedro is filled with great ideas.

That is mathematically the worst possible method to tear the bowl… Now that he’s emasculated he HAS to get it.

Dang it is right. We all can’t have the creepy salesmanship of Uncle Rico.

“Get outa my life and shut up”! Yes.

Uncle Rico does care… he know Pedro’s name.

That is utterly gross, but the rock to hold down the ultra-thin paper plates is a nice touch.

I would place all my fashion trash in Pedro also.

That is fat (not phat) tie.

If you want to look more professional then close the freaking cardboard box. God.

That is a sweet ride.

Second thing I don’t like about Napoleon… his excessive use of paper towels.

Is that Big League Chew! That was the dream… To get the gum, not to play.

A political dream has begun… F your wall building.

The f-n crystals!

That’ll negatively affect her campaign… inciting a button riot.

In the tub with his FFA medal :)

The pAdro Team!

The urinal! LOL

The dongles are way better than buttons. Learn to think outside the box Summer.

The bully walks like he’s got a load in his pants.

The third thing I don’t like about Napoleon… his rampant waste of water.

What is with the “cool” kids wearing white?

It takes all kinds of people to make the world happy. I’m glad Kip found his soul mate.

A good arm runs in the family… Love the Uncle Rico scream.

The fence fail is great.

The release of teenage anger with a piƱata is a fantastic idea. That’ll improve school spirit tremendously.

Sai in the Goodwill equivalent! What a steal!

Napoleon wears that endurance shirt frequently.

More Kool-Aid will hit the spot, but an unbelievable amount of back-wash.

There goes a confident man, striding onto that yellow bus with purpose.

Who parks in the driveway like that? Obviously a nut.

I can’t believe the Happy Hands Club cut Napoleon out! [email protected]#*s!

What a terrible school administrator, telling a student his entire political future depends on a skip that will certainly suck! Die!

Don makes we wanna puke.

Principal Creep is no pal of mine.

I see you snob girl in the front-left with your judgmental blue top! F-off!

A lone kid running the a/v? The has incredible power.

I love the overhead exaggerated clap.

Just walking down the street with a bass.

Yes! I almost cry as the camera backs out form tetherball.

He loks like a rodeo clown riding in.

The high five is a perfect clapper.

Don’t smell it in public!

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