Red Riding Hood (2/5)

I’m not super interested but this is what HBO Go is offering me for free.

Is this Jacob?

OMG! I didn’t even have time to say do t split up before the idiot said it. You were just worried about not have enough men as it was.

Does anyone else notice that is just a normal wolf’s head? This village has not seen jaws.

What the hell are horses doing pulling a metal elephant?

Calm down crossbow man!

What the hell instrument is that?!

Idiot artist

Can’t you consecrate the entire village :)

Where’s the “you k ow better than most” line.

Now we see the use.

These dudes are more reasonable than I expected.

I don’t get it? One minute they order everyone to go home and the next everyone is going about their business.

I don’t see how that mask is designed for shame. I could say the same thing about an oversized hat.

Now they “should” go home. What a wishy washy dictator.

Someone named Prudence is never nice.

Come on! That alcohol is long dry!

They could have huddled in the church for the three days no?

It’s like a dramatic game of clue.

She wasn’t just praying in front of the church. I know what she did.

Always with the soup.

Oh. Not what I thought. What was that still lying around?

A family sewing class.

What a fantastic dream where your cloak grows to a fantastical length.

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