Spenser Confidential (3/5)

Does a cop in prison for beating another cop get a hard time from prisoners?

Always with the Aryans.

Is that bit about his aunt gonna be relevant later?

I haven’t seen Bokeem in awhile.

Look at that sicko swaying back and forth.

Being dragged across the stall floor is the worst.

Ha! For once they can’t zoom in to see the details! Yes! Score one for reality!

Hawk has cool hair.

I suppose this is supposed to be a funny scene with the dog?

Hawk has a good ASMR voice.

She IS a good dog.

I like Hawk. Screw this cat killer.

What a dork partner.

Who the hell carries a machete!

Hawk has a very colorful fashion sense. I like it.

Spenser does your taxes :)

Half this gang looks like Rudy Gobert’s cousin.

That is very weird driving in, past them, and I’m a circle?

I sense Hawk is gonna use his hips now.

I’d watch a sequel, but mostly for Hawk.

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