The Mummy (5/5)


You certainly don’t need fast reflexes to be pharaoh.

The resting place for the wealth of Egypt eh? Who would guess it was guarded. Especially when you bring a massive entourage and perform an elaborate ceremony.

Fabulous work environment, constant screaming. Workers probably enjoy reading in their down time.

Can we bring back those boss keys?

Beni is a master at dialog.

Those tossed swords have tremendous kinetic energy.

Really moves the timeline along.

A very good time!

A scoundrel. I like the sound of that. I bet his hands are dirty.

Failed stealth check.

Another piece of verbal gold from Beni.

Efficient shooting style.

Alright, the umbrella is not appropriate at night.

Damn everyone reading out loud!

Way to be prepared Beni.

Desk photos of himself. Quite the narcissist.

Nice chair throw. Better than WWE.

Why was everyone so close?

Right in the face.

Classic hero hand bandage.

Clever Jonathan.

She loves the eye poke.

We have hundreds. Let’s all go after one guy instead of just t leaving twenty back and going after the others.

Cute safety check.

Hilarious transport.

Another Beni zinger.

Bounces between two locations five times.

They’re still in pretty good shape.

Good old greed.

Roll, roll, roll, roll!

Probably the most rewatchable movie ever.

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