The Platform (4/5)

Very inefficient use of space.

Tre… that is a name.

Their lips don’t match their voices.

What is there to do?

Will the nice guy get paired with the mom just to see?

Where’s the toilet? There must be a toilet?

I like the food toss :)

Knowledge and the early bird are power.

A man his age and this time without food… he should be weaker.

He is the latest sleeper.

It’s going to be a quiet month.

Finally! We see the toilet.

Do you like pulp in your paper?

Protect your legs.

At least they’re meeting a lot of new people.

He is really leaning in.

Good thing Penne all’Arrabbiata was not the message.

Good tick tick sounding music.

Once again a film with limited resources brings out creativity.

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