Wonder Woman 1984 (4/5)

1984 looks horrible!

The crook with glasses is weird looking.

The other crook with could hide a few choice pieces in his structured shoulders.

Remember JC Penny?

Typical 80s creep

What a horrible suit.

Some things are future proof :)

The bike joke is good.

Her wish included a gym membership.

How things have turned :)

Got to admire someone someone who so clearly loves what he does.

Oh yes! A little out of the blue, a great plane origin.

Good oil audible

Cool medal sled

Weird way to provide an example of chaos, white an older woman randomly speaking to an older man.

That guard has a real chest angle.

I expected a better Regan impersonator.

Man is eyes are blue!

That lightning trick is cool.

Still love the theme music.

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