Doom: Annihilation

The last movie I watched of 2019 was terrible. Why not start 2020 with what I expect to be a terrible movie.

Unusually this was released on a Tuesday.

How much did that actress get to stand so still in the background with her hands clasped?

Ogden Gavanaki sounds like the name of someone who would produce this.

That is some shoulder acting.

Joan Dark took 5 seconds to come up with.

I can tell how bad this movie will be based on how many comments I have already. Including this one.

The doctor has poor shoulder acting skills.

Clearly another Aliens take.

It’s a big hunt.

I do not approve of their movements. Standing in the middle of opening doors. Not checking corners. Just terrible.

I’m gonna assume that huge backpack is for ammo.

You didn’t try to tell them anything.

That’s right. Spread out more.

You’re ultra nightmare. That sounds pretty bad.

After all these movies space marines really ought to start wearing mouth shields to keep the goop out.

7.5 thousand years old is your proof?

Didn’t I see the chaplain in Saw?

Generating a chest fireball must make your extremities cold.

Time for a speed run.

Now we’re down to nearly real time left.

The BFG.

High tech future elevators still use cables? Probably for safety backup.

Let of some steam Bennet.