Bubba Ho-Tep (5/5)

All those lights yet it is so dark.

Ugh! Gross!

Look at the darkness around the door frame. And that TV screen is smaller than my iPad.

His irises are so clouded.

F-n thief! You’re really gonna steal someone prescription eyeglasses? I hope she dies first.

“Good morning ELVIS” :)

It’s like a pathetic Reservoir Dogs.

Bag of sand and dye. That is fantastic!

Elvis or Omar… you best not miss.

JFK has easily the nicest room.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich :)

“Stop the puss”… Ugh. The sound is even worse.

What a gross bland meal.

They’re all gonna die soon. Give ’em some chocolate.

Don’t turn your back on red flickering lights.

Tall boots.

“And you’re so much toilet decoration…” :)

Lots of toilet and shit house talk when you’re old.

Perhaps the best thing about being old is always having a club… I mean cane at hand.

The visitor’s toilet is the worst part.

“Big check on that baby” :)

Love the hallway stride into battle.

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