The Shawshank Redemption (5/5)

Parole cliches.

Flimsy fences.

Love the look of the first guy off the bus.

Tough to imagine you’ll enter a building and might never see the outside again for years.

A remarkable idiot asking questions.

Way too exuberant. Welcome to Shawshank.

Lovely first meal.

Of course. You can’t keep men together without uncovering some non-humans.

I beg to differ, a toothbrush is a lethal implement.

That is something to gawk at.

I can’t tell it was two ladies singing.

Who’s watching the watcher.

Damn annoying ticking.

Story time…


I’m scared.

Good to be back.

The movie shot! Iconic.

Comeuppance. Always.

After “working” with him for 40 years…

One of the most rewatchable films ever.

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