Ip Man 4: The Finale (3/5)

We’ve professes so far from Ip Man 1.

Punk son.

Smoking on a plane was so ick.

Scott’s Liquor. Cheap and fine :)

What is with these masters?

I hope they don’t destroy glass every time they have a visitor.

Tarzan’s Diner!

Don’t go down the alley.

I see that weapon you have behind your back.

That is embarrassing to get hit you your own weapon while still holding it.

Oh, is your life ruined snotty privileged white girl because someone else was better at cheerleading… “Our people have been here for generations?” … I can’t believe she said that.

I’d think to ride to walk on your guests table, but if he’s challenged you to match I suppose it’s okay.


Oh look. Another d-bag.

How do you fully embrace karate and hate kung-fu? Oh I know. Another example of why the world is f-d.

He’s even an a-hole to his own “people”.

“I try to be a fair man” … He can’t think that for real.

In a minute I think I’ll wonder how Master Ip got onto a marine base but seeing how this place is run.

I known he’ll have a different perspective with his son now. I guess he won’t send him to America.

Little prick is correct.

This guy is why people hate America.

“An inferior race”… From the same guy who said “I am not a racist”… ahh!

Am I supposed to think better of him because he’s stretching before hand?

The calmest, most serious, most reflective, and most offensive of the series.

My wife urged me to close our window after some of the offensive yelling.

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