Knives Out (2/5)

This is supposed to be a very well done movie. Let’s see.

The standard cop… The fan boi… And the weirdo “genius”?

The notes are getting annoying.

Finally someone asked.

I’m freaked out by Daniel Craig’s accent.

I think I know who hired him and what this is all about.

He noted the time with an Apple Watch.

Maybe he switched the meds himself?

Everyone is outvoted. There must be a lot of secret ballots.

No “how are you doing” from mom?

I was gonna say they are not gonna let a civilian hold evidence.

Maybe he’s responsibly saved his handouts for years?

Maybe Harlin hires him to keep her safe.

It’s always the screwed they say “you know what’s right”.

Research assistant huh?

ProntoMail! That is secure private mail! Someone knew what they were doing with that one.

Now I suspect 2 people are in on it… Maybe 3.

Okay. The singing in the car scene is funny.

I’m glad they finally used that eyesore prop.

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