Peppermint (4/5)

When someone is parked diagonal across spaces on a parking roof it is either no good or teenagers making out.

No one is ever seen unlocking the trunk unless that serves a purpose. Like in The Last Boy Scout.

Vodka and chocolate Twinkie will fix ya right up :)

That B doesn’t deserve to use the name Firefly. She is in the brown but not a Brown Coat.

Wow! Uber-B!

She looks like a young Glenn Close in the lineup.

LifeStorage is appropriate.

Don’t just walk in! I do mind @$$hole! Criminal lawyer… put him on the list.

Put them all on the list.

That is impressively hard to do solo.

Hang the watches across your body unless you want it gone!

Blasting music is not good for security.

That would be freaky to see someone on TV then they walk in.

She’s not going the traditional route. Most would have selected an automatic.

Nice shortcut and finish through the isle.

How come my trunk can’t give off that much light?!

I love that she drank his pop!

They do not label “skid row” on Google Maps!

Face is a high percentage shot.

That’s a long walk back.

She had that coming :)

Not the one I thought.

I’m gonna call Number 2 the Slick Shirt Dude.

No more hesitating.

She learned some magic too :)

Given the condition you knew she was in, and what she is capable of, you should’ve had a RA (Research Associate?) nearby.

She certainly isn’t a “common criminal”.

Would any lawyer argue self defense? Certainly the would try insanity.

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