Please Stand By (5/5)

Of course Patton Oswalt.

I like the pen alignment.

“Like I gotta be but I don’t.” :)

I love Pete!

From this angle it seems like Richard is amenable to everything.

Movie always make working at the mall look cool.

Don’t push Pete! He’s just trying to help.


Are you kidding me! You kicker them out! This is why public transportation has a bad reputation! As if bus travel isn’t horrible enough we have terrible bus drivers!

Do not work is correct!

Pete is tired.

This might be a trap. I knew it! Pete didn’t like them! Listen to Pete!

There you go! See horrible bus driver! Even the HOSPITAL lets Pete stay! I hate the bus… for 10 years.

The nurses demerit story is surprisingly hurmorous… and that is NOT long pee.


No payment for you bus direction lady.

That is perfect… I might cry. Nice job Patton.

“Yes I speak English”… Awesome.

POS is right.

“Do you know who I am” is great.

Has Pete peed?

Painful to watch a few times… I cried… I love Pete. PS. Blaster is a terrible name.

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