Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (1/5)

I doubt the radio works from underground.

International! I knew it!

Ian must be thinking he never thought he be making five of these.

Quite the setup? It is a dirty room with tarps draped over random crap.

We’ve now wasted 10 seconds passing out helmets.

What an action knee raise jump.

Remember this guy is a surfer.

Tiny sharks that have survived underground for at least decades… Not the most ridiculous thing in this series.

Will they run like normal people in this movie?

Anyone who needs to be told to not pet the sharks deserves what they get.

Some people feed their families with these movies.

A tiger shark. That is new.

Curious that Ian’s Wikipedia pages doesn’t list the Sharknado series.

How statistically improbable all those sharks land in a pile in front of the door.

That one was much larger in the previous shot.

He just walked in the room. You didn’t bring him here.

Spinning is not at all completely energy inefficient.

Sure, completely harnessed dog sled prepared and unattended.

At least they left the dogs behind.

Thanks for showing us they’re in Australia when the characters already established this.

Who wears a dress in a seas storm?

What an emotional backstory moment.

“I think you’re awesome”… tremendous writing as usual.

If one goes they all go is a great design.

I don’t see any difference after the transformation.

Is this Brazil Boy a Shark Sister?

Why didn’t Vega share this 4 movies ago?

What’s with the extra headlights?

Is this part of his planned route?

Tara’s screams are terrible.

“Thank you Pope” is a good line.

Black leather stock must spike whenever a new Sharknado movie is released.

What crap could be left for the last movie? Space?

Why does the lever only move 5 degrees?

Fin can never get ahead.

You are 53 at this time and this is what you are doing?

Wandering the Earth with a stick and a head.

What else have you got to do?

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