The First Purge (3/5)

They’re gonna target you with a bonus protest leader.

This new Skeletor is far more scary than the original.

For someone who doesn’t wear contacts he put those in like a pro… I pshaw your “realism”.

We are all Staten Islanders tonight… Come on! Are you waiting to kill or be killed. Now I want to purge you.

Maybe he’ll be trapped in the elevator for 12 hours.

Did the NFFA provide those flaming street barrels too?

“For our country (touch)”… What a creep.

Ironically questionable neighborhoods already have bars.

I suspect an assassination… queens?

The middle of the street on purge night is not the place or the time to have this conversation.

These two have seen Black Panther too many times with the handshake :)

Are they ashamed? … They don’t want repercussions after the purge!

You burn the church and you’ll get some people angry.

NFFA had some white supremacists in their back pocket… What a surprise.

Way to tip your hand you smooth faced creep.

Where the 3 at?

If you want footage to disappear you should do all that work of pressing delete yourself.

The door is clearly unlocked.

I haven’t forgotten about Skeletor.

No way I want to be the dude carrying the battering ram.

I think the closet might be occupied?

They’re playing basketball?!?!??! That is the most shocking!

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