The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (4/5)

Picks up EXACTLY were we left off.

This woman just can’t get a break.

I’m just here to get my mail and change my underwear :) A subtle joke.

You searched the premises! How about you look across the f-n street!

Seems they should have had a few more police.

Dead meat?

What a bastard… he offered you a sandwich!

Nice to see the spy has honey for his tea.

It took everyone until the gun went off to notice?!

The hair sure, but they let a prisoner get all that bling and leather?

How are they gonna admit that?

It’s about time. We’ve had to wait over 6 hours and 3 movies for some f-n justice. You think you can destroy someone’s life because it suits your purposes! I hope they are all thrown down with the devils.

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