The Girl Who Played with Fire (/5)

Amusing that she is putting together furniture in Sweden.

What kind of pizza is that? Shame it is wasted by learning she is wanted.

I like the makeup but seems everyone knows who she is so seems worthless disguise, so I assume she’s using it as intimidation.

Hey boxer dude, call him while you are chasing or you’ll end up missing and dead instead of just dead.

Kill the headlights!

Take some photos! Especially of him carrying her.

When you get one sneak attack on a huge bad guy pierce him with something sharp in the side/lung.

Okay. That was a nice pan.

An apple a day.

Blond goon is waiting by watching what looks like the Swedish version of Degrasse Junior High :)

That is either quick news or he was there a long time.

This movie is showing its age as no one types http or www anymore and hopefully soon it would be https.

You needed to wait for a letter opener?

She’ll get the last laugh as he is gonna I’ve back problems by shoveling that way.

How is she not dead?

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