Train to Busan (4/5)

Zombie Bambi

Ugh. My wife’s favorite Korean actor is in this.

You can’t buy her love jerk!

That’s right! Look into dad’s empty soul!

I’ll say something’s happening. The top floor is on fire!

And there it is.

Taking pictures?!

Nice leap from out the window.

Hey conductor, don’t let the kid in there.

Hey other dude, what a terrible thing to say.

That is a monstrous phone.

Is she going to be in the bathroom the whole time?

Close as many doors as you can behind you.

I like soon-to-be dad’s jacket.

It even business class is safe.

Good idea soon-to-be mom.

Zombie grandma

You better barricade the door or something anyway.

I’ll get you a scoop? Who cares? The world is ending! Nobody wants your f-n stock tip.

At least these kids are smart enough to take their bats.

All that work to lock the door for only a few seconds!

Good idea with the fire extinguisher.

At least they’re in a line.

Quite shouting a-hole.

You better crawl faster unless this is the longest tunnel in the world. And you better go only a couple at a time.

Throw something over their heads.

Poke that son-of CEO in the eye!

Stop f-n yelling!

Paint the glass idiots.

You’ve learned something but don’t leave her alone?! Especially when you are making calls!

Do people use “ex-husband/wife” in their phone?

Why on earth would it be a traders fault a bio company f’d up!

Grab more weapons people!

Once again, CFU!

Slide on your back.

It’s like that Resident Evil vehicle trailing zombies.

Stomp his hands already! Thank you.

Throw him off before he turns.

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